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Good luck my friend! Lots of unstable VI's.

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Find all posts by Rubicon. There is a local guy on Craigslist selling a 8 core I'm trying to buy, then I can take it to a 12 core! The instructions below are for the MacPro 4. The 8 Core is trickier, but manageable on your own. Google it and watch the video's for that upgrade.

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Do not pay somebody to do it for you. It is so easy to do yourself its ridiculous.

2009 Mac Pro CPU & RAM Upgrade to 12 Core - 4,1 to 2010 5,1 Firmware

Will take you about 15 minutes or so. Upgrade the Firmware First. Here is the app to change the firmware that will allow your computer to now be a 5. If you get this error when running the app like I did , then download this file and leave it open on your desktop. The site was down for a good portion of today and I wasn't abel to search their archives.

Apparently all you have to do is this: Download the Mac Pro Firmware update 1. Run the Mac Pro Firmware Tool. It will automatically locate the package and proceed to the next phase of reboot and power switch hold until the little light above the power button begins to flash or you hear a long beep. There is no need to rename or replace anything. The Firmware Tool grabs the package and proceeds with the process with no error message.

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Hope this helps other Mac Pro users who are attempting this firmware update. Everything mentioned above takes less than 2 minutes. Watch this video on how to change out your CPU. You also do not need to clean off the thermal paste from the CPU you are removing, unless you plan to use it again. I just ordered this RAM, and am waiting for it to arrive. Last edited by Barry Johns; at AM. Table Syrup Records.

If I am not mistaken, the W's are singles. I went from a stock 8 core setup in my Mac Pro to a 3.

Pro Tools Ultimate Find all posts by off the wall. I noticed a considerable improvement too when going from 2x 2. There is a limit to what can actually be improved in these machines though. We are still talking about machines that are firmly rooted in There is a limit to what these old beasts can do. I am not sure it is that heavy on graphics. When upgrading, also check and see if your ram is MHz - most 4 and 8 core models shipped standard with MHz ram, as it was all the CPU could take advantage of.

If you haven't looked into faster hard drives, I would definitely give that a peek into as well. Transferring any files between SATA3 drives will be quicker though.

I have zero regrets upgrading my old Mac Pro to 12 core, but with that said OSX Avid Omni. Mac Pro 5,1 12x 3. Blackmagic Intensity PCIe. Find all posts by LDS.

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For example, when I ran a particular session with a 2. So this just doesn't make sense to me but could very well just be Pro Tools doesn't necessarily utilize the two CPUs much better than one You all went from 8-core setups to core setups, with increased clock speed. I wonder if there isn't as big of a difference, or potentially no difference, going from a 6-core setup to a core setup while keeping the same clock speed? I don't think the. So there are limited gains in more cores vs higher clock speeds.

If you get past your bottleneck in processing parallel things for your Pro Tools session, the gains by having more cores will drop off. Originally Posted by skizzo. Originally Posted by BScout. Originally Posted by LDS.

If you own a 2009 Mac Pro and are jealous that 2010 Mac Pro owners can use 6- …

I cannot imagine I am the only person to notice this, adding a 2nd CPU to your system to discover it has virtually zero benefit. Adding two single-processor models or four dual-processor models processors makes a lot of sense, and definitely provides the best bang for your buck. Remember that all of the processors you can use for upgrading the — Mac Pros make use of hyper-threading so that a two-core upgrade will be able to run four processing threads, not just two. Merely upgrading processor speed while staying with the same number of processor cores probably isn't a good use of your budget.

Mac Pro - 12 Core Ghz - 96GB RAM - Radeon VII 16GB — Big Little Frank

If you're thinking about going from a single-processor to a dual-processor configuration, we would advise against it because it's not cost-effective. While it can be done, you will need to replace your Mac's existing single processor tray with a dual tray.

You will also have to purchase two processors, not one because the single-processor Xeons won't work in a dual configuration; you'll need Xeons designed for use with multiple processors. It's much easier to upgrade the processors in the and Mac Pros than the models.

12-core Mac Pro (Mid 2010)

Bumping up from a quad-core to a 6-core can be an effective way to get a few more years out of your Mac before you need to consider replacing it. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc.