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Also tucked away House: A Game To Delight Monster Lovers brought out two monsters who blocked I plaintively asked a higher being on the disk are some of Wilson's great has 13 rooms where players are invited his way until one of the props he had for guidance, from the other side of captioned cartoons, a source of enjoy- to scour cobwebbed nooks and cran- found earlier was returned to them. Unfortunately, we had trouble figur- "just restart the computer, Daddy" The Ultimate Haunted House is Their task is to find monsters, props ing out how to release the props from Which is what I did.

After about three min- Such traps are common with CD- which was about the age I was when eerie surprises—all before the clock utes Nick was bored after 3o seconds ROMs that do not include obvious I began reading Wilson's cartoons in strikes thirteen. I randomly clicked on the right spot "skip" or "home screen" buttons; Ulti- Playboy.

The drawings in this CD- For those who were weaned on which took us to the previous room. This is the worst fea- of interactivity are probably resolvable.

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But for the child we could not escape at all, As Nick ingly stiff QuickTime animation, geted age group. Younger children who has never before experienced a indicated his increasing disinterest, which could be improved. The best might enjoy it, too, if they're not Wilson cartoon, this is a level playing I frantically clicked every logical features, in addition to the sound already too jaded. Without preconceptions my son and illogical spot to desperately get effects, are the "scary monster mini- Gahan Wilson's The Ultimate Haunted entered Wilson's haunted house with free. Unfortu- ing me to what I presumed was room, which are short clips of weird Microsoft While he enjoyed the delightful sound effects—from a clip of the '7os hit "Monster Mash" at the beginning of the CD to the creaking, crackling and otherwise scary noises through- out—he was less entertained by the drawings than I would have expected.

Wilson's comically ghoulish characters seemed curiously mundane. Perhaps exposure to two decades of Sesame Street monsters and scores of other animated otherworld denizens, from Beetle Juice to X-Men, have taken their toll. Nevertheless, when confronted with a wide array of hot spots, Nick pointed and clicked all over the cluttered screens, and was genuinely excited when his action caused a noisy or graphic reaction.

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Despite hav- ing ignored the onscreen instructions which I was too lazy to read he was able to deduce rather quickly that the more monsters and keys he uncovered, the greater the ultimate reward which is a Gahan Wilson cartoon screensaver that can be downloaded onto your computer. Eventually, he stumbled onto a soundtrack where the comically ghastly, disembodied voice of Wilson himself explained certain rules of the game; for example, props could even- tually be used as ransom when one is cornered by a ghost or monster.

Most screens had clear and intu- itive navigational landmarks, such as doors leading up or down staircases. But Nick was frustrated when trapped in two different rooms.

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Clicking off a lightbulb in the attic, for example, Photographs on pages 11, 13 and 15 were shot on location at The Children's Museum of Man- hattan. Zio- 1. The piaure shows people sending messages as a coded segment:- of 'rocks. On many CD-ROMs this otherwise short interval seems to take forever, but with these disks, the time flies as the effects percolate. All titles are available in Mac and Windows formats. My First Incredible, to read and poorly designed. The former Amazing Dictionary offers early readers their first i, words in such is a whiz to navigate, a joy to explore, graphically well an exciting verbal and visual context that most traditional dictionar- ies will pale by comparison.

The viewer is grabbed immediately by an designed, and proves that this type of multimedia pro- opening screen that rejects the cliched alphabet block motif in favor of an ani- duct offers viable new options. Unfortunately, the mated Century Schoolbook alphabet running along the top of the screen with a dysfunctional genre has so far prevailed.

In the surge potpourri of photos, drawings and pictographs below. A soothing female voice unlike any grade school teacher I ever had gives instructions, but once the child to make artistic and market inroads, a great many CD- clicks on a letterform—which is immediately illuminated—intuition guides nav- ROMs have failed to transcend the medium's technical igation. For the child unfamiliar with letters, an illustrated matrix shows the limitations. This is why Dorling Kindersley's premier relationship of word to letter with "hot" boxes that, when clicked on, call up a specific word screen.

Each word is beautifully illustrated in a precisionist style line of CD-ROMs is a key event in the short history of and defined in the text. By clicking on a megaphone icon you can also hear the this medium. At the bottom of the image area a small box features related pictures; Dorling Kindersley is a London and New York based publisher of some of click here and call up additional words. Along the bottom of the screen are easy the most extraordinary nonfiction children's books produced within the past to understand navigational devices, including buttons for quick search, quit, five years.

The publisher's series of thematic, mini-encyclopedias on such return and the ingenious "surprise me" icon, which selects words that the child topics as rocks, flags, space, armor, insects, dinosaurs and mechanical inven- has not yet found. If this dictionary does not inspire the child or the adult , it tions are in-depth reference books filled with beautifully composed pages must be that the computer is malfunctioning.

DK's first line of children's books for ages five and up are characterized by complex, but acces- The Way Things Work F sible layers of text and image. Although the book is spectacular in its own right, the CD-ROM is an Regardless of its targeted age group, each DK book follows a strict hierar- even greater tour de force.

Here multiple levels of information are pre- chical structure and applies a rigorous deconstruction of specific information.


Like the other Dorling its own page or spread on which photographs and drawings show the environ- Kindersley CD-ROMs the title screen is supported with wonderful in this case ment and the inner workings of a creature. The narrative text includes an over- mechanical sound effects.

When the program loads, animated, metamorphic let- all introduction, extended captions for each image, and sub-captions where terforms materialize. A furry mammoth elephant appears in various places as an necessary. The typography does not overwhelm, but allows the reader to either agent to guide the viewer through the narrative, showing up in at least one Quick- scan the content randomly or read linearly. Time animated movie, which is accessed by clicking on an icon of a movie projec- With multi-levels of design and various entry points for approaching texts, tor.

Down the left side of the computer screen a menu offers various options, these books are actually perfect CD-ROM storyboards. So it's not surprising including categories on "principles of science:' "workshop" and "inventors. It latter is a book with alphabetic tabs, where each click turns to a page of biogra- is not just chance that these first four CD-ROM offerings are as innovative as phy. For example, the inventor of the window shade was James Barton, and on his books—these are already successful books brought digitally to life. If you click on one of these boxes, But before reviewing My First Incredible, Amazing Dictionary, The Way an illustration and text will appear with hot words in red, such as "ratchet" When Things Work, The Ultimate Human Body, and Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross- chosen, this word calls up a schematic illustration of a ratchet accompanied by text Sections: Stowaway, it should be noted that DK's most important innovation and verbal explanations.

Filling the screen, on the other hand, focuses almost infinite. Likewise, The Ultimate Human Body is not an exag- the viewer's attention solely on the image, not the box in which it appears. This is an ambitious anatomical exploration short of Another innovative touch is the enjoyable sound and music effects sequence a medical school education.

I you blink? How do 11 ,IfreAnt I placed with bone in a process called you hear? OW ossification.

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This takes Owe in the shafts and heads of all bones. U throughout childhood, until at the.. The surgeon's story it. Upper sick bay is deserted Hundreds of sailors deck I set up an operating climbed high above the flop deck, UtdIe deck and unfurled the deck safely below the water-line.

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The ship carried The seamen carry the wounded everything the crew men down from the guns to of about men my theatre where they wait in needed for a long line - tuany have tourniquets, voyage, with a deadly Dicer so that they don't die front battle at the end. While they're waiting, sonic of them drink UT wine, rum, or brandy to numb their pain. H ELP Air offers a wealth of anatomical, biological and pathological information.

This is cleverly rendered and easy to use.

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Click an hourglass to go back a screen; click a not just some technically rendered anatomy but a detailed survey of how the lighthouse for help; and touch a compass labeled fore, aft, up and down to access body machine—its organs and systems—work. Although it is more reminiscent the four quadrants of the ship. Long shots and closeups are possible for almost of the classic World's Fair educational displays and info-kiosks especially with every detail. Clicking on gun ports grants entry to decks where specific activities its neutral-sounding verbal narratives than the other DK CD-ROMs, it never- take place, such as firing a cannon or caring for the wounded.

Sound effects and theless introduces a degree of intimacy as the viewer plots a personal course voices are generously used throughout, contributing to a sense that this CD-ROM through the various levels of the human body. A simple navigational hot box on is a kind of Disney-like theme park. Clicking on the head, for example, evokes a variety of options to certain clicking functions.