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Emulators take a bit more work to manage and load than other games, but with some attention they are certainly worthwhile. Shadow Era is a free TCG or trading card game. If you have an ongoing love for card collecting and card battles and the other aspects of TCGs, then Shadow Era is a cheap, effective way of getting your fix.

Steam Curator: Mac Game Recommendations!

It also has a lot of other staples, such a fantasy story filled with crazy characters, spells, strategy, and all the other experiences. When it comes to long-term value for free games for Mac, Shadow Era is hard to beat.

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There is the popular Quinn , which has some of the highest reviews, and the 3D Downfall , which has a lot of extra features. Even the original Tetris brand games sometimes go on sale for a free download. You can fly multiple missions from combat and support to intercept and online multiplayer flying. If you like simulators and love taking the action to the skies, try this game out. Sorry, but i have no idea where that came from at all…. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.


Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tyler Lacoma Updated August 3, Papers, Please Papers, Please is not only one of the best Mac games, but one of the best small-time downloadable games to be found in recent memory. Team Fortress 2 And many rejoiced when Team Fortress 2 went free-to-play, allowing millions to waste as much time as they wanted with this gun-focused action game.


Heroes of Newerth Heroes of Newerth is a few years old, but is still excellent fun, especially for those who like a little bit of MMO mixed in with some tower defense. Touchgrind Touchgrind is a free game modded from an iOS version to create a Mac-friendly, top-down skating game.

Riven X Riven , the spiritual and literal sequel to Myst , has been especially designed as a game for Mac with Riven X. Do you even know what MMO stands for? Recommended VR Supported 27 October, Recommended 27 October, Recommended 16 October, Recommended 6 October, Narrow by preferences Hide ignored items Hide items in my library. It's awesome! You'll have no social life once you start playing it but who doesn't want to create a monster factory?

Free to Play.

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Recommended 27 October, VR Supported. Never gets old thanks to multiple characters and abilities. Every time you play it's fun! Play with friends! Surprisingly good multiplayer experience.

Stardew Valley

Use mods to enhance experience! Interesting style of gameplay and the animations for each move add greater effect.

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  • Steam Curator: Mac Game Recommendations!!
  • Quite challenging in some cases but also interesting. Love the art style but you'll have to play it for yourself!

    15 Best Free Mac Games You Should Play

    A nice way to show of dynamic storytelling. Developers should think about this when creating games. I think this was made to demonstrate good atmosphere or something?

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    • Quite hard to learn at first but you get the hang of things pretty quickly. Overall a good game. Quite dark but in a fun way!