Mac os x unzip split files

Have you ever tried to send an image only to be told that the file is too large?

Do your file uploads seem to take forever? Enter Archiver's own compression format , with which you can truly shrink image and audio files.

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Archiver is geared to take full advantage of your Mac. You can extract multiple archives by simply dragging them onto the app.

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Archiver unpacks the archives in parallel to leverage the highest possible performance. All rights reserved. Incredible Bee.

Zip Software to Compress Files & Folders Quickly & Easily

Archiver 3 Archives as easy as "pie" Buy Now Download. Features in a nutshell Extract archives So you downloaded this file you can't open?

Unzip from the Finder

Reduce file size Running low on disk space? Reclaim it with Archiver by compressing files and folders. Preview archives You requested, we gladly delivered! See screenshot.

Express Zip File Compression

Tune my Archiver Archiver ships with powerful options so you can adapt it to your needs. Encrypt archives Keep your data private, keep it secure! Split and combine You have a file too large for a disk? Download for Mac.

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How to Split Mac Os x Rar Files and Parts Merge (SimplyRAR 1.0.8 freeware for mac:)

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How To: Extract single file from a multi-part zip archive? | MacRumors Forums

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However, password protected zip archives are different. Lunch the app, and select the format that you want to compress a file to from the Format dropdown. Select the compression method, and if you are compressing a particularly large file that you intend to burn to a CD or DVD, split the output file accordingly by choosing the right size. The sizes are appropriated by the storage device they are suitable for.